Novo Transport Systems is proud of its ability to respond to customer demands as well as investment in research and design of innovative technology. These bolt on safety systems are testament to our commitment to providing leading edge solutions and have already been installed in over 100 buses since their development in late 2018.


The NTS-155 is a bolt on solution created by Novo Transport Systems. The system enables existing bus OEM door systems to be compliant with NSW Transport Roads And Maritime Services TS-155 bus door safety system requirements. The requirements came into effect in July 2018.

  •      The system consists of a CPU/Voice Module, display screen and data logger, driver's door override switch, maintenance override switch, GPS module and driver's cockpit speaker.   
  •      The NTS-155 utilises the bus body OEM’s door signals and door entrapment sequence. This, in turn, controls the chassis OEM supplied interlocks to meet the specific functionality requirements of TS-155.
  •      The NTS-155 data logs all the various components within the system and allows for easy data retrieval.

Park brake Rollaway

The park brake rollaway is a bolt-on solution that provides protection and warning against bus rollaway. 

  • LCD screen provides visual warning as well as system status.
  • System voice alerts for driver.
  • External warning system.
  • Bus-stop brake activation. 
  • Driver's seat belt monitoring.


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