One of the key benefits of Actia multiplexing systems is the ability to add functions without the need for new hardware.

Common sensor and control data, such as vehicle speed and engine temperature, are available on the network. This way data can be shared, eliminating the need for redundant sensors.

ActiMUX is a very versatile system. It can be used on the following types of vehicle: buses, coaches, emergency vehicles, refuse collection trucks, roadwSweepers, rail maintenance vehicles - any application requiring the effective and dynamic control or monitoring of the vehicle electrical system.

Multiplexing can control and monitor a wide range of electrical functions including: external lighting, instrument cluster, switch panels, message centre, door control, ferry lift, internal lighting, heating / air-conditioning, retarder, wipers, mirrors, kneeling.


  • By reducing the wiring loom and removing the fuse boxes, relays and the associated cabling systems, cable trays, fixing system and other wiring accessories, multiplexing simplifies the vehicle's electronics, whilst allowing functionality and control.
  • By designing its ActiMUX system in modular form, Actia have developed a very powerful system that can be used on a number of different types of vehicle. Modules are programmed for their use within the system and are linked using a CAN network.
  • The system functionality can be rapidly changed by modifying the software, often without changing or adding new hardware. This modular design makes such modifications easy to perform and reliable in use.

Modules for chassis/body

Choose from Master or Power range:


  • ActiMUX system master module
  • Dual core 32 bit main CPU for vehicle application
  • 5 CAN interfaces
  • New load switching technology with precise control of the current dedicated to wide range of loads, such as electrical motors, wipers, bulb/Xenon/LED lamps and sensors
  • Improved on-board diagnostic functionality using reliable short and open circuit detection associated to internal over temperature and over voltage detection
  • Hardware platform compliant with 12V and 24V power networks
  • Compliant with SAEJ1939, KWP2000 and ODX standards


  • Multiple interfaces for better adaptation to vehicle architectures
  • Software configuration of the I/O interfaces
  • Precise control of the current dedicated to wide range of uses
  • In-board diagnostics and level 1 diagnostic of te module by integrated LED
  • Multiple power supplies group



The dashboard is the human interface with the bus’ integrated multiplex system (that controls and monitors the complete vehicle electrical system).


  • High level of MMI capabilities – WVGA 7 inch TFT screen, 4 display video channels, 19 to 23 warning lights with 2 bi-colour LED, optional eco-driving bar graph Driver Aid, 4 to 6 gauges and 6 push buttons
  • Integrated Master capabilities in ActiMUX system
  • S/wand network managements (up to 4 Power modules)
  • Support of ActiGRAF integrated development tool for PLC (IEC61131-3language) and GUI application Optional integrated FMS gateway (or FMS to IP gateway)
  • Compliant with SAEJ1939 ODX standards
  • Several I/O interfaces
  • Powerful dual core 32bit CPU - up to 5 CAN interfaces, felxray interface, internet interface and LIN interface
  • Large possibility of customisation (dial face, number of gauges…) to suit customer’s requirements
  • Optional anti-scratch/ anti-glare mineral lens


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